Supporting Christian Education

Supporting School Leaders and Consulting

Supporting School leaders

With a total of 22 year's experience as a principal of two different Christian Schools, I believe I have much to offer in supporting, through offering a listening ear, praying with and helping school leaders clarify their thinking and identify options to help navigate the maze of leading today's Christian Schools. 

The mentoring and support of new Principals and senior executive staff is a vital aspect of professional development and pastoral care too often overlooked, but this has been one aspect of my recent involvement in Christian Education that has been widely appreciated. 


Since I left my last position as a principal, I have been involved in acting Principal roles, undertaking school based qualitative research, involvement in executive level job interviews, counselling Principals and School Board Members in difficult circumstances and providing other "behind the scenes support" to help schools facing critical issues.


More details on my experience can be found here.

Please contact me (email) if you would like to find out more about how I might be able to help your school.